About Us
Life Skills for Living (LSL) is a nonprofit organization offering evidence-based Anger Management, Stress Management, Conflict Resolution and Relationship Enrichment.  During the 27-year history of LSL we have helped thousands of individuals manage their negative emotions.  We serve youth, teens and adults of all ages. 

One unique aspect of LSL is that our services are accessible to individuals at a variety of settings – through individual and group classes facilitated at our home office, seminars provided at many local churches, school district adult community education classes, six state prisons, the Bexar County Adult Detention Center and Haven for Hope.  We even offer an excellent online class that is easily accessible through a mobile phone, a tablet and/or a personal computer! 
Many organizations provide help for those who need physical resources; LSL provides help for those with emotional needs.  Our trained and certified volunteer facilitators provide our programs to meet the emotional needs of our community.
The mission of Life Skills is to empower people to live peaceful and productive lives.  We live in an extremely fast paced, often stressful and complicated world.  Statistics show that much of the unacceptable behavior in our society is a direct result of uncontrolled negative anger, stress, conflicts and the inability to maintain peaceful and productive relationships.

LSL’s proven evidence-based programs directly target the root causes of negative emotions of anger and stress.  Our mission is complete when LSL principles and concepts are taught, accepted and practiced.  We are confident that the results are not only positive, but also life changing and on a permanent basis.  These principles and concepts will positively impact one’s life to live a peaceful and productive life.