Life Skills For Living
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Customer Testimonials

  1. I have learned how important words are and that I should never yell out of anger.
  2. As I have thought about the decisions I have made in my life I have learned that self responsibility is very important.
  3. I now pay attention to how my body is reacting before I act out of anger.
  4. The program has taught me how to forgive others and myself so I can move on with life.
  5. I now know how to calm myself down and talk in a calm matter.
  6. I continue to use the STOP word as I face challenges.
  7. This course was very informing; especially knowing that God has to be incorporated in my life.
  8. My instructor made me think, feel very deeply about my life and how I need to learn to forgive others and myself.
    Noel (Haven for Hope)
  9. Instructor presented material clearly and concisely. Information provided was very helpful and useful.
  10. This class is helping me very much for my life.